Triacetin (Industrial Grade)

CAS NO.102-76-1
EINECS No.203-051-9
SynonymsGlycerol Triacetate, 1,2,3 Propanetriol Triacetate,
Triacetyl Glycerine, Vanay
Molecular FormulaC9H14O6
Molecular Weight218.21
Constitutional  FormulaCH3COOCH2CH(CH3COO)CH2(CH3COO)
Applications1. Used as core sand binder in metal foundry sector.
2. Used as solvent in printing inks.
3. Used as a highly effective plasticizer for cellulose-based plastics.
4. Used as solvent in building wall coating
ItemUnitStandardTest Method
Appearance Clear liquid, free from suspended matterVisual
Odour SmelllessSmelling
Triacetin Content≥98.5GC
Refraction Index (20℃)--1.430~1.435GB/T6488-2008
Specific Gravity(20℃)g/ml1.154~1.164GB/T4472-1984
Acidity (as HAC)%≤0.1GB/T12717
PackingNew 200 Litre steel drum containing 240kg net.
New 1000 Litre IBC containing 1150kg net.
Isotank containing 20,000kg~25,000kg net.
StorageKeep in sealed, unopened, original containers.
Avoid conditions of high humidity and temperature.
Storage Temperature10℃-30 ℃
Shelf  Life12 months

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